Misty Morning Plateau in the Italian Dolomites

I'm a Software Engineer with a deep interest in photography, a hobby I've enjoyed since childhood. My photography covers a variety of subjects, including landscapes, wildlife, macro shots, and sometimes industrial scenes. Whether it's capturing the early morning light over a misty mountain range, the details of an insect, or the stark chimneys of an industrial wasteland, photography allows me to explore and share the world as I see it.

My photos have been featured on Unsplash several times, resulting in millions of views. They are now used across various websites, blogs, YouTube videos and other social media channels. I've been honored with awards from the Boundless Pictures Awards and the Wild Photo Awards. I'm grateful for the recognition and happy to see that my work is appreciated by so many people.

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This is a selection of my favorite photographs, the shots I believe are the best I've taken so far. These images reflect a variety of subjects that interest me, from landscapes and wildlife to macro details and industrial scenes. I hope you enjoy viewing them.