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Luca Cavallin

Luca Cavallin

Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub Actions, I have a deep-rooted passion for distributed systems, developer and infrastructure tools, and platform engineering. My expertise primarily revolves around Go, Rust, Kubernetes, serverless architectures and the Cloud Native domain in general. I've always had a keen interest in system-level programming, Linux, and networking. At the moment, I am learning more about AI.

Beyond my primary expertise, I've branched out into areas like React, TypeScript, .NET, APIs, data engineering and Google Cloud to name a few. My past also saw me wearing the hats of a consultant, delivering hands-on training sessions, hosting podcasts, and organizing engaging meetups for the tech community. I'm an active contributor to open source and believe in the importance of knowledge sharing, as evidenced by the newsletter I run, my blog posts, and talks. Additionally, I hold the title of Google Developer Expert (GDE). In addition, I take pride in founding my solopreneur venture, yet another (side) step in my professional journey.

In addition to my daily commitments, I am an active member of the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) communities. My involvement stems from my enthusiasm for collaborative innovations, community-driven projects, and open standards, all rooted in my broader interests in the tech landscape.

For a deeper dive into my contributions, head over to my blog. For those new to open source, consider exploring And if you're on the lookout for mentorship, I offer guidance on Mentorcruise. Away from the screen, my time is spent cycling, cooking on a kamado, stargazing, or attending to my feline companions 🐈.

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